The BRLight is a simple, intuitive, and easy-to-learn system and its goal is to be accessible to the end user, since its model, composition and its way of operating is extremely simple. The BRLight system allows you to store large amounts of information and find it in a simple, direct and objective way. It can be used to handle the simplest needs to the most complex ones.


The BRLight system consists of three distinct components:

  • LBG – LBGenerator: Model creator, model manager and BRLight data specification manager
  • LBI – LBIndex: BRLight indexing component
  • LBC – LBConverter: BRLight content extraction/OCR (Optical Character Recognition) component
  • RedHat (RHEL) 7.X (or based/CentOS 7.X)
  • Debian 8 (or based/Ubuntu Server 14.X)
  • SUSE Enterprise (SLES) 12.X (or based/openSUSE 13.X)

TIP: We recommend installing the operating system of choice configured for the English language (en_US.UTF-8). Normally this is the default for the various distros installers and can be checked with the command

echo $LANG

To get all the BRLight system functionality it is sufficient to have LBG, LBI and LBC components installed.

To install them download the lbginst_x.x.x.x.tar.gzlbiinst_x.x.x.x.tar.gz e lbcinst_x.x.x.x.tar.gz installers.

Extract them with the commands…

tar -zxvf lbginst.tar.gz
tar -zxvf lbiinst.tar.gz
tar -zxvf lbcinst.tar.gz

Install them with the commands…

bash /[folder_path]/lbginst/install.bash
bash /[folder_path]/lbiinst/install.bash
bash /[folder_path]/lbcinst/install.bash

The Installers are self-explanatory and it is sufficient to follow the instructions on the screen. HAVE FUN! =P


If you just want to know the BRLight system please answer y to the following question…

Use fast install (use default values for most of the options)?

… when it appears during the installation of each component.

In this case the installer will adopt default values for most of the its options and the installation of all components should be on a single machine.

For production environments we recommend answering n.


FileDescriptionDate addedFile size
gz lbginst_0.8.0.0.tar.gzInstala o LBG - LBGenerator criador e gerenciador do modelo e especificação de dados do BRLight./Installs the LBG - LBGenerator model creator, model manager and BRLight data specification manager.
01/09/2017 16:06 60 MB
gz lbiinst_0.1.2.0.tar.gzInstala o LBI - LBIndex componente de indexação do BRLight./Installs the LBI - LBIndex BRLight indexing component.
01/09/2017 16:06 10 MB
gz lbcinst_0.1.2.0.tar.gzInstala o LBC - LBConverter componente de OCR (reconhecimento ótico de caractere)/extração de conteúdo do BRLight./Installs the LBC - LBConverter BRLight content extraction/OCR (Optical Character Recognition) component.
01/09/2017 16:06 46 MB